Welcome! Here's how I will serve you.


Hey there, I'm Eryn.

I created this space especially for Makers and Creators who want to transition their hobby into a business. 

Translation: I help people who make stuff, self stuff.

After my first failed business attempt at a clothing line that I designed and sewed myself, I took the time and invested in myself and brand. 

I took those hard lessons learned and successfully transitioning by sewing and design business, Style Sew Me, into a DIY style ecosystem that provides online sewing classes, Style Sew Me Patterns e-commerce store, and a platform for me to partner with brands to help them expand their reach.

My road to transitioning my hobby of sewing into a successful business with multiple sources of income was a bumpy and lonely road. (Read: Shit got real, VERY quickly.)

I created Launch Sell Grow to create the community of ambitious makers that I wish I had when I was beginning my business.

My goal is to empower you with tools, resources, and knowledge to help you do what you love and get paid well doing it. 

If you're ready to take control of your future, create more income for you and your family, and get paid doing what you love, welcome to the tribe.